Word-of-mouth marketing has become one of the most exciting marketing opportunities on the web. The Web 2.0 revolution has allowed web users the ability to reach across the globe to voice their opinions, connect with like minded users, and vote on the best content. Users like good content. In fact, they want good content. Therefore, you can quickly gain buzz if you can reach above the crowd and make yourself stand out with good content. Below is a quick overview of some of the tools available to generate buzz in the social media sphere. Social Networking Sites Social networking and bookmarking websites have taken the internet world by storm in the past few years. Sites like FaceBook, MySpace and Digg are now among the most visited in the world and opportunities are emerging for smart and creative marketers. Rating Sites If you have a good product, especially software, you can submit it to a rating site. Editors of these sites can rate and recommend your product to other visitors.

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