Why is this so important?

Social Media Marketing or New Media Marketing is becoming somewhat of a New Revolution in today’s Marketing World.  These are the marketing strategies the 21st Century Small Business Entrepreneur must know and develop to be successful.  Social Media is a tool every small business entrepreneur can use to grow their business.

The difference in this new way of communicating your message to the world is all about developing a community, a family,
a tribe or a following. However, you describe this phenomena, it is about developing a Know, Like and Trust Factor.

Let’s look at the “Like”part.

This one is one of my favorites. In the “Know” part of this series we saw how to use Social Media Marketing
to get people to know who we are, where the can get to know us and how much they actually need to know about us.

The question is, “How do we get them to like us?”

Well, to be honest, who cares? Do not spend time worrying about getting people to like you. Not everyone
is going to like you. Period!


“Success in life and business is not about how many people like. It’s about how many people respect you. Concentrate on developing respect and the LIKE part will follow”.


I can tell you that there have been times that I have made major purchases from people I personally did NOT like.   However, I did have a respect for that person’s knowledge of their industry and their professionalism.

(My last car purchase. Gotta love to hate some car salesman!)

I can also tell you I have made purchases from friends that I have regretted but did it anyway because I liked
that person. (My last jewelry purchase. Gotta love to hate home parties!)

When developing the “like” part of your marketing campaign bare in mind that you are developing business
relationship not Christmas Card mailing list (although I do mail holiday cards to some of my business partners
and clients!).

The point is, don’t get caught up in worrying about people liking you as much as establishing yourself as an
expert and delivering value to the communities you are working in.

If you provide valuable information and content you will be establishing yourself as a respected part of the community.

Will everyone is those communities “like” you? Maybe, maybe not.Earning their respect is what is important.

Mutually you need to respect the others that you are working with.

Do you need to like everyone? Again the answer is “No”.

The bottomline is… when you are developing the “Like” part of the KLT Factor keep in mind that your building
a business not a “Christmas Card List”.

If you look in the mirror and show people your Best Reflection then, in turn, the communities you chose to work in, Online or Offline, will respect, admire and buy from you!

Are you someone people can Like?

To creating your best reflection….

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