The KLT Factor…marketing on a whole new level.


Seems like a simple concept. It’s even got some human qualities to it.

How is it a “marketing strategy” then? When did we discover that treating others like humans can be used as a specific technique to build are businesses?

Ok. This concept isn’t exactly new. But it definitely has been a lost art for many, many years.

Amazingly, we have come full circle. The New Age of Social Media Marketing has given the K.L.T. Factor a whole new meaning.

K.L.T. has become a standard that is being taught by every guru I have come across in the Marketing,
Network Marketing, MLM and Internet Marketing Industries.

What exactly does Know, Like and Trust mean though?

Simple put…be someone your audience can Know (to a degree), Like (sometimes) and Trust (always).

My very first “real” job was in NYC basically selling people.

Yes, I did work on 42nd Street. No, not on 8th Avenue! I was on the Madison Avenue side! I worked at a personnel agency.

This was back in the eighties and, trust me, morals and ethics were no where to be found in that industry at that time!

I often described my job as “lying for a living”.

I was just out of college. The potential for making big bucks was dangled in front of me like a carrot to a rabbit.

All I had to do was “market and sell”. Looking back, I see that “lie and close” was a better way to describe the strategies and techniques I was being taught.

Luckily, I was raised with some sense of right and wrong and was able to develop my own, softer, marketing style.

I wasn’t necessarily the highest producer in the office but using what I was good at, a very rudimentary form of the KLT Factor, I made a very substantial living for a kid in my twenties.

So how does Know, Like and Trust fit in to today’s New
Generation of Social Media Marketing?

The Internet has opened an whole new world to the average consumer. They have a multitude of choices and the ability to educate themselves completely before engaging in the buying process.

Developing your KLT Factor is what gives you that edge you need to capture your buyers attention and retain their loyalty.

Basically, here’s the KLT Factor in a nutshell:

Know…to a degree. Giving your prospect or customer a little insight into who you are allows them to feel a sense of relationship with you. Bare in mind though, your personal life is “personal” and too much information can be just that…more information then they need to know!

Like…sometimes. I can honestly same I have made major purchases from people I didn’t necessarily like. Why? The “Like” part of the equation, for me, was replaced with respect. Remember, as marketers, we are developing relationships not looking for soul mates. In my opinion, “like” can be replaced with “respect” when developing a business relationship. (You just don’t need to add that person to your Christmas Card list!)

Trust…always. This is non-negotiable. I think this “trust” factor is the part of the equation that makes or breaks any marketer and every business. You may close the sale based on know and like but retaining customers and building a solid foundation for your business is based on trust…period.

That “trust” part is partially how I became so profitable in my first real J.O.B. I often made more money thanks to people that I was NOT able to find a job for because they trusted me enough to send me all their friends.

Using the K.L.T. Factor when developing your Marketing Campaign is like building your house on concrete instead of sand.

If you don’t build your business on a base of trust, give your customers a reason to like (or at least respect) you and some general insights into who you are then, like the house built on sand, your business will eventual crumble.

The KLT Factor is essential in creating your best reflections for your business and yourself.

Go create your Best ‘KLT’ Reflections today!

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