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Know is easy.

Like is your perspective.trust

Trust…non negotiable…period.

In general, I trust people until I’m given a reason not to. That’s just me. Obviously, there are circumstances when that little voice inside of me says, “don’t trust them” and I listen, usually.

I hear every guru, mentor and coach out there saying the same thing…”"people buy from those that they know, like and trust.

The problem is, how do you develop trust?

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It is absolutely amazing what you can find on the Internet these days.

What is even more amazing is the way Twitter has really become a tremendous source for finding exactly what you are looking for when you need it.

My 2 year old has her days and night mixed up lately. If any of you know what that means then you can sympathize.

While sitting up with her just past midnight I was cruising Twitter and came across this one particular Tweet that really caught my eye.

It said said something about 4500 site visits and a free ebook. I thought, what the heck. I’m up anyway. I’ll check it out.

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How many emails do you have in your inbox right now?

Did you opted in on a website to get a Free Report, eBook or eCourse and the next thing you knew your inbox had 127 emails from that person all trying to sell you something? What do you do?

Do you have people in you see on Twitter, on your friends list at Facebook or Linkedin or MySpace that you really have no interest in dealing with? What about personal emails you get from random people on your lists?

Social Marketing is an amazing concept and is revolutionizing the way Online Marketers do business. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Linkedin and Friendfeed are just a few of the places that you can “make friends” and market at the same time.

Unfortunately, there are some draw backs. You may find that there are people you don’t want to associate with for whatever reason. What do you do?

Recently, I had a conversation with a client (we’ll call her Suzie) discussing a recent launch of a new MLM product. Suzie immediately started complaining that she had gotten so many emails from that person and other affiliates all about the same launch that her email inbox was flooded!

I have to say this right up front and I apologize in advance for not mincing words…

You Are 100% Responsible For Your Own Life, Actions and Success

Suzie also has the ability to change her situation and she has to take responsibility for the situation.

How does that relate to what we are talking about here? Well, how do you think she got on those lists?

Correct. Suzie put her name and email in an opt in box and requested information. Not only did she request the information but, through the double opt-in process (going to your email and confirming the subscription) she made it very clear to the person sending the information that she wanted what was being sent to her.   Suzie was absolutely 100% responsible for the emails she was getting!



Suzie said it was OK to send information to her.  However, in some cases, that permission is taken for granted and misused.  The next thing Suzie knows is that her inbox is full of unwanted and unnecessary solicitations.

If you have this happen to you and you aren’t happy with the flood of emails in your Inbox than make a response that will change that outcome…


The same thing goes for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc, etc. All you need to do it take action.

That is the absolute beauty of Social Marketing today. You are in complete control. You can chose who you get information from and who you befriend in your virtual social circles.

It is as simple as a click of a mouse and you can clear your slate.

Back to my conversation with Suzie. When I explained that all she had to do was UNSUBSCRIBE her response was…”You can? How?”

I was a bit surprised by her response. She truly had no idea that once you were on a list that it was your choice as to whether you remained on that list or not. We walked through the process together and Suzie did unsubscribe from that list. We also went through and discussed how to stop following people on Twitter and how to block them, how to remove friends from Facebook and remove connections from Linkedin.

Still surprised that Suzie didn’t know what I thought was obvious, I asked several other people that I spoke with over the next week the same question, “do you know how to get off a list once you are on it?”

More than half of the people I spoke with said “NO.” I was pretty shocked! I had spoke to about 100 women at a Networking event that were all business women that I thought would have been pretty computer savvy.

I believe this response is CRITICAL for the Social Media Marketers out there.

The fact that some of your subscribers may be on your list indefinitely because they don’t know how to get off it makes it just that much more important that you market responsibly!

Send out good, solid information sparingly. SPAM is no funny for anyone. It has statistically been show that it takes between 4-10 (deoending on the study you look at) exposures for a prospect to buy. If you have someone stuck on your list wouldn’t it be better to expose them to good content that they can use, enjoy and possible buy over time than to expose than relentlessly to garbage that will just annoy them?

Be someone that your subscribers can Know, Like and Trust!

The same philosophy holds true for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. Look in the mirror. Market to others like you would want someone to market to you! And if you find that there are people that are NOT fitting that bill for you, take control, take responsibility and change the outcome…UNSUBSCRIBE, STOP FOLLOWING, REMOVE THE FRIEND, THE CONNECTION…whatever it takes!

“You Are The Average of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With” Jim Rohn

I just want to touch on one last point that I discussed with Suzie. Your email is private. Your social networks often aren’t.

You want to maintain relationships with the type of people you want to be “the average of” as Jim Rohn so aptly put it. I say, you want to create the best reflections of you through those you associate with!

Just remember…you are in control and 100% responsible! Go take a look at your inbox and your social networks and quit complaining just UNSUBSCRIBE!

Enjoy the video!

To Creating your Best Reflections…


Why is this so important?

Social Media Marketing or New Media Marketing is becoming somewhat of a New Revolution in today’s Marketing World.  These are the marketing strategies the 21st Century Small Business Entrepreneur must know and develop to be successful.  Social Media is a tool every small business entrepreneur can use to grow their business.

The difference in this new way of communicating your message to the world is all about developing a community, a family,
a tribe or a following. However, you describe this phenomena, it is about developing a Know, Like and Trust Factor.

Let’s look at the “Like”part.

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Honesty On The Internet


The KLT Factor can make or break your marketing success both online and offline.

What exactly do know, like and trust mean and how do you develop each of those factors? That’s a great question.

Let start with “Know”.

This is the toughest of the three factors to develop because it has many facets. The first part of “Know” reflects the image or brand that you designate for yourself. Your market will come to know you by this brand whether it is your name, a logo or a particular image that you have created for yourself.

The second part of “Know” involves how to actually get yourself, your product or your service out there in front of potential customers. Your success depends on positioning yourself in front of buyers so they can know who you are then get to really “know who you are”.

The third part of “Know” is the what customers actually need to know about you. Defining the difference between showing customers your best reflection and giving the more information then the need in essential.

Here are 10 Social Marketing Tips To Develop Your “Know” Factor

1. Before you do anything, take a good hard look in the mirror and know what reflection you want others to see.

2. Considering the image or brand you want people to get to know, decide on a user name that you can utilize for all your social marketing efforts. (This can be your name or a title that describes your business)

3. If you are just starting out, write out a profile for yourself. Make sure to include a little about yourself and your product or service. Some general information such as your favorite books, movies, and hobbies can be included.


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Word-of-mouth marketing has become one of the most exciting marketing opportunities on the web. The Web 2.0 revolution has allowed web users the ability to reach across the globe to voice their opinions, connect with like minded users, and vote on the best content. Users like good content. In fact, they want good content. Therefore, you can quickly gain buzz if you can reach above the crowd and make yourself stand out with good content. Below is a quick overview of some of the tools available to generate buzz in the social media sphere. Social Networking Sites Social networking and bookmarking websites have taken the internet world by storm in the past few years. Sites like FaceBook, MySpace and Digg are now among the most visited in the world and opportunities are emerging for smart and creative marketers. Rating Sites If you have a good product, especially software, you can submit it to a rating site. Editors of these sites can rate and recommend your product to other visitors.

Duration : 0:4:32

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This is a business ethics video Elizabethtown College SIFE created to teach high schoolers about business ethics in the workplace. It is a great tool for educators helping them provoke discuss about business ethics. If you have any questions or comments at all, please feel free to contact us at sife@etown.edu or visit www.etown.edu/sife

Duration : 0:9:27

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The KLT Factor…marketing on a whole new level.


Seems like a simple concept. It’s even got some human qualities to it.

How is it a “marketing strategy” then? When did we discover that treating others like humans can be used as a specific technique to build are businesses?

Ok. This concept isn’t exactly new. But it definitely has been a lost art for many, many years.

Amazingly, we have come full circle. The New Age of Social Media Marketing has given the K.L.T. Factor a whole new meaning.

K.L.T. has become a standard that is being taught by every guru I have come across in the Marketing,
Network Marketing, MLM and Internet Marketing Industries.

What exactly does Know, Like and Trust mean though?

Simple put…be someone your audience can Know (to a degree), Like (sometimes) and Trust (always).

My very first “real” job was in NYC basically selling people.

Yes, I did work on 42nd Street. No, not on 8th Avenue! I was on the Madison Avenue side! I worked at a personnel agency.

This was back in the eighties and, trust me, morals and ethics were no where to be found in that industry at that time!

I often described my job as “lying for a living”.

I was just out of college. The potential for making big bucks was dangled in front of me like a carrot to a rabbit.

All I had to do was “market and sell”. Looking back, I see that “lie and close” was a better way to describe the strategies and techniques I was being taught.

Luckily, I was raised with some sense of right and wrong and was able to develop my own, softer, marketing style.

I wasn’t necessarily the highest producer in the office but using what I was good at, a very rudimentary form of the KLT Factor, I made a very substantial living for a kid in my twenties.

So how does Know, Like and Trust fit in to today’s New
Generation of Social Media Marketing?

The Internet has opened an whole new world to the average consumer. They have a multitude of choices and the ability to educate themselves completely before engaging in the buying process.

Developing your KLT Factor is what gives you that edge you need to capture your buyers attention and retain their loyalty.

Basically, here’s the KLT Factor in a nutshell:

Know…to a degree. Giving your prospect or customer a little insight into who you are allows them to feel a sense of relationship with you. Bare in mind though, your personal life is “personal” and too much information can be just that…more information then they need to know!

Like…sometimes. I can honestly same I have made major purchases from people I didn’t necessarily like. Why? The “Like” part of the equation, for me, was replaced with respect. Remember, as marketers, we are developing relationships not looking for soul mates. In my opinion, “like” can be replaced with “respect” when developing a business relationship. (You just don’t need to add that person to your Christmas Card list!)

Trust…always. This is non-negotiable. I think this “trust” factor is the part of the equation that makes or breaks any marketer and every business. You may close the sale based on know and like but retaining customers and building a solid foundation for your business is based on trust…period.

That “trust” part is partially how I became so profitable in my first real J.O.B. I often made more money thanks to people that I was NOT able to find a job for because they trusted me enough to send me all their friends.

Using the K.L.T. Factor when developing your Marketing Campaign is like building your house on concrete instead of sand.

If you don’t build your business on a base of trust, give your customers a reason to like (or at least respect) you and some general insights into who you are then, like the house built on sand, your business will eventual crumble.

The KLT Factor is essential in creating your best reflections for your business and yourself.

Go create your Best ‘KLT’ Reflections today!